Hello and welcome to the Fleshlight District!

What the Fleshlight District is all about

We are men, and we like to be men, and as men, we believe we do have the same right as women to possess awesome sex toys. Therefore, the whole purpose of this blog is to provide like-minded men with great information about toys for men, such as the Fleshlight Vibro for example. I am sure, you have already heard about the Fleshlight brand and the hype it has created.

So, without any further ado let’s get started with the first piece of advice for all the sex toy loving men.

How Do I Choose Which Pocket Pussy to Buy?

With the emergence of the male sex toy market, it has become increasingly difficult for men to find the right male sex toy for them. Since the Fleshlight Company put out their world-renowned products, the male sex toy market has been booming. Dozens of products tailor-made for men have hit the market. Now with a massive supply and tons of options to choose from, men are being overwhelmed. It’s like a kid in a candy store!

But in all seriousness, most men don’t know where to start or what to choose anymore. The Fleshlight District is here to help break down all of the pocket pussies that are currently on the market. Hopefully, you can make a better decision before purchasing a pocket pussy.

The Fleshlight

You’ve heard the hype. You’ve heard the name. The Fleshlight is the number one selling pocket pussy on the market. Its unique design, durable build, and overall high quality have made this the best option on the market. In fact, no other pocket pussy comes close to the total value you get when purchasing a Fleshlight. If you have yet to check it out, you should do so now. Like right now. Yes – it is that good.

The Field

Oh, you thought there was going to be a section for each other individual pocket pussy? You assumed wrong. The Fleshlight is so much better than the rest of the competition that it’s almost not even worth mentioning the other pocket pussies. But, in the interest of fair journalism, we will in fact list some of the other products you can buy. But just in case we weren’t clear: the Fleshlight is light years ahead of any other male sex toy. You shouldn’t even be looking elsewhere.

• Turbo Suck – this device plugs into the wall and acts like a suction on your penis. It’s a decent device, but it doesn’t feel real (but the sensation is in fact good).

• Tenga Eggs – this is legitimately a weird ass sex toy. It looks like an egg because it is an egg (not a real egg but it looks and probably feels like how a real one would feel like. It stretches so much that it looks like a condom when on your penis. But, the inside is made up of “ribbed” lining which makes for a good sensation on your junk.

• Cobra Libre Masturbator – this is actually a sleek little device and it has various sensations that would even make Fleshlight proud. But, it’s still not as mainstream and it’s incredibly bulky as well. Moreover, it isn’t exactly user-friendly either.

• Travel Jack Master – like the Cobra Libre Masturbator, this device is extremely cumbersome. It is, however, user-friendly as it’s straightforward to assemble and disassemble. But for the asking price plus the handling, it doesn’t come anywhere near the Fleshlight pocket pussy.

• Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator – this company should probably be sued just because it literally looks like a Fleshlight. In fact, the Fleshlight Company probably has a case in court. But, with over 5 million sales, it’s probably not worth it for the Fleshlight to go after them. Moreover, it’s not like the Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator is selling like crazy. It’s an inferior product with a poor design and overall build.

There are many other male sex toys on the market, but the above ones are meant to “compete with the Fleshlight pocket pussy. However, there is no competition. Go out and buy yourself a Fleshlight pocket pussy – the best-selling male sex toy in the world.

Well in case you are on a budget, you might ask…

Can I Make a Homemade Pocket Pussy?

“You can do anything you set your mind to.” How many of you have heard that from your parents? Well, though we are likely to mock them specifically regarding this statement (no mom – we still cannot fly no matter how hard we try), they were right about it in many instances.

We don’t know if you’ve been following, but the pocket pussy market has been blowing up! No, seriously. There are well over 10 million pocket pussies that have been sold just in the US alone. Men are slowly starting to creep up on women in the sex toy purchasing department. But, as the demand rises, so does the supply, which makes the male sex toy market an interesting one.

There is a ton of demand but also a ton of supply since new pocket pussies are flooding the market on what seems like an almost every day basis. This essentially means that the costs of pocket pussies are not coming down, which is practically preposterous considering America’s competitive nature and subsequent cheap pricing (compared to the rest of the world).

Naturally, this has led millions of men to try and look to do their “own thing.” Yeah, you guessed it – men are now looking to build pocket pussy by themselves instead of going out to buy one for $75 – $100 (and that doesn’t even include accessories costs).

Building a pocket pussy on your own can take as little as a few minutes and cost no more than $1! ONE DOLLAR! For example, many men have been known to build their own ‘Fleshlight’ of sorts by merely using cornstarch and water. Add an equal amount of cornstarch and water to a glass (100g each). Mix well and then add another 100g of water. Microwave for a minute. It will solidify during this process. Remove the glass from the microwave, make a small entrance hole in the middle and then re-microwave it for 30 seconds. Then, use a thick-ish shaft to make a large hole 3/4th of the way to the end of the glass. Then cool it in the refrigerator for 45 minutes. Remove the shaft and the jelly-like substance and voila – there is your homemade Fleshlight all for $1.

There are many other methods of making a do-it-yourself pocket pussy. These instructions can be found all over the internet. This post was just to bring attention to the fact that you don’t need to purchase a pocket pussy for yourself; you can create one, primarily due to all of the exorbitant prices around.

Happy masturbating!