Sex Toys in the News

Some interesting facts about sex toys

As we go deeper into the 21st century, it seems like more and more people are becoming open-minded. It is no longer the 1950s “traditional” family environment. You will often see parents who smoke marijuana, and teenagers have premarital sex, and adolescents cursing at will. But, you know what you can also see a lot of now? Sex toys – both inside and outside of the home.

That’s right – sex toys are so popular that many people tend to hear about them on a daily basis. Hell, if you walk down the street, chances are you will find a sex toy shop. Sex toys are also being featured in various locations, including the media. But, there is something strange about all of this. If you look around, you will notice that most of these mentions are about female sex toys. You will rarely find any news about sex toys anywhere in the press. In fact, sex toys for women are so mainstream that women are showing off their private collections in the news! Yet, men have been taking a backseat to women. Talk about sexism, huh.

So we looked into it more because we wanted to find out why women are being open about sex toys but men are not.

As it turns out, there are several reasons for this. First and foremost, men feel uncomfortable, which is because, in their minds, it could leave potentially interested women wondering why these men have sex toys. Even though women would be curious, the overwhelming majority would not frown upon it, especially when you consider the fact that these women themselves most likely own a sex toy. Secondly, male sex toys aren’t exactly flashy like women’s sex toys. But, this is also in their heads as this is an opinion.

Our research has found that many men have a particular view of sex toys that was formed by society rather than rationale. While it is indeed understandable, men will need to come to grasps with the fact that this issue was solely made up by them alone.

Male sex toys can be weird, but some can be downright awesome. These are the products that men should talk more openly about and once they realize they won’t be judged for it, this “sexism” of sorts will no longer exist. So what are you waiting for men? Don’t you want to finally be open about your favorite sex toy(s)? Let’s make a change so we no longer only have to listen to the women in the office brag about their newest toy!

Use a Vibrator for Pokémon Go

So, I’m sure all of you by now have heard of the newest app to take the world by storm: Pokémon Go. Yes, anyone who was born in the early 1980s remembers Pokémon, even if it wasn’t an integral part of your life. Pokémon was not only huge, but it was gigantic. It seemed like everyone was playing (except for me – I could never really get into it). All of my childhood friends were addicted to it. Well now, Pokémon Go is out on the app store, and it already has over one billion downloads!

To put that in perspective, Pokémon Go is now more massive than the popular sex website YouPorn or XVideos – two of the largest sites in the world. Naturally, I wanted to ask my childhood friends if they are taking part in the latest trend. Here’s how it went down.

I called up a few of my friends (since we all now live far apart from each other) and asked them if they heard of Pokémon Go. I was not surprised when they told me that yes they have heard of it and that all of them (no exceptions) were actively playing. Though it seems like a child’s game, it is nostalgic for them. I believe this is the main reason why they play; not because it’s a good game, but rather because it lets them relive their childhood in a sense.

Anyway, being the Pokémon addicts that they are, they were telling me about how the game works. One of my friends (Natasha) is the most diehard Pokémon fan. She is not only playing but has let me know that there are several cheats that you can do to ‘game’ the system (and thus pick up more Pokémon in a quicker time frame).

Although Pokémon does not intrigue me, I asked about these cheats (mainly to make conversation – the truth is I couldn’t care less about the damn game and how it works). However, when she told me one of her tricks, my jaw dropped, and I laughed out loud. Natasha said to me that she uses her vibrator to pick up Pokémon.

No, that’s not a joke. Natasha says that she found out about this trick on the internet and decided to give it a shot. Of course, at first, she was skeptical and thought it was a prank. But, it turns out it’s the real deal. She is, in fact, using her vibrator for this game!

So, how does it work?

The answer is simple. Turn the vibrator on and simply hold it against your touchscreen. With the Pokémon Go app open, your phone thinks you are moving due to the vibrations (even though you aren’t doing a damn thing).
Yes, this is indeed for the lazy!

While I had many more questions after that (primarily about her vibrator), I kept to myself. Here’s an adult using a vibrator for a child’s game. Maybe I should choose my friends more carefully? Just kidding – I love you, Natasha!

The battle of the Sexes: Men Vs. Women in Sex Toy Shopping

If we look beyond the smoke and mirrors and look at it on the surface, anyone with half a brain would tell you that the sex toy industry is predominantly catered to women. Honestly speaking – how many men use a blow-up doll? Sure there are other male sex toys out there, but the global perception for male sex toys are sadly blow up dolls. So, ever since the dawn of the ages, the sex toy industry has been marketed to women. Therefore, it wouldn’t be shocking to see statistics showing that women purchase and use sex toys more often than their male counterparts. Except, it now seems like this would not be accurate!

Before you blow your lid, take a breath. It is true. According to various polls both online and offline, over two-thirds of men have said to have purchased a sex toy. Wait, it gets more shocking. Seven out of ten men from the survey said they have used a sex toy in bed with their partner(s). While most of these sex toys consisted of female toys (vibrators, handcuffs, dildos, etc.), the Fleshlight male sex toy did make a significant appearance in the survey!

It is also interesting to note that while one-third of men said they have never used a sex toy, most of them said the reason was just that, well, they just haven’t gotten around to it and didn’t know if they would like it. Well, if they were to see this survey, they may be more open to using one now.

Now, let’s take a look at the women’s side. The funny thing is that we have minimal statistics on women and their sex toys uses/purchases. The reason being is because marketers know that sex toys sell (in the female market). So, there is little need to conduct surveys and research on this. But, we do know this. A little over 50% of women are said to both have purchased and used (or currently use) a sex toy.

We now have our answer according to these polls and surveys. It seems men are much more “purchase prone” when it comes to buying a sex toy. That may sound crazy but so did other things throughout history. Women have had their day in the sex toy department. Now it looks like the men are taking over. Times are a changing.